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The Dirty Pennies have carved themselves into the totem pole of rock and roll in Rochester. If the Bug Jar made a noise it would sound exactly like the grunge filled overdriven blues fuzz of The Dirty Pennies guitar. It’s punchy and laid back, it’s blues and metal, it’s a strange combination of things that makes them uniquely fit into a plenty of sub genres. I’m Your Man follows that same path, a gritty, lager filled, one corner of your mouth grin that remains in your face while showing you what’s behind it.

Anthony white - - 4.24.20


This is the soundtrack to your apocalyptic dance party — socially-distanced, of course. The pandemic hasn’t slowed down Rochester’s The Dirty Pennies. Today marks their third release of 2020 with the single “Waste Away.” Gritty garage rock is the trio’s forte and it comes in spades with this new song.


It’s easy to make comparisons to big rock outfits like Queens of the Stone Age but what I started to notice was a shrouded similarity to Sex Bob-Omb from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.


The vision I got when I heard garage rockers The Dirty Pennies second single Things You Say, is a late night on the Sunset Strip, back when The Whiskey was really a go-go bar..the girls dancing to fast guitar bands, a haze of smoke from cigarettes seemed to linger right above your head…


Rock n Roll has been in long need of a straighter posture and The Dirty Pennies seem dead set on replacing it’s spine.  On their latest EP our boys deliver a tight set of straight ahead tuneage that’ll keep heads nodding and bodies moving.

Ben stephanus - 3.31.19


With 2017’s Kick Out The Rocks, The Dirty Pennies blend blues with other styles of music, feeling out the boundaries of how far they could push the genre. Now with their new EP (aptly entitled EP) they’ve mapped out their niche: grungy rust-belt garage rock, steeped in surf rock and blues.

Paula Cummings - 4.12.19


 The Dirty Pennies new "EP" is "primal rock 'n' roll with just the right amount of blues to keep it all in place. Picture a less-stuffy Strokes or a more manic Black Keys."

Frank de blase
- city-4.16.19

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