Video by Krit Upra // Audio by J. Alexander Durr

The Dirty Pennies have carved themselves into the totem pole of rock and roll in Rochester. If the Bug Jar made a noise it would sound exactly like the grunge filled overdriven blues fuzz of The Dirty Pennies guitar. It’s punchy and laid back, it’s blues and metal, it’s a strange combination of things that makes them uniquely fit into a plenty of sub genres. I’m Your Man follows that same path, a gritty, lager filled, one corner of your mouth grin that remains in your face while showing you what’s behind it.
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The Dirty Pennies at Wicked Squid Studios
Photo by Krit Upra

It’s easy to make comparisons to big rock outfits like Queens of the Stone Age but what I started to notice was a shrouded similarity to Sex Bob-Omb from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
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