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It's been quite some time since we have played outside of Rochester. This summer we plan on changing that!

Starting things off we have another hometown gig on Friday June 30th at the Bug Jar, featuring our friends FUZZROD and the return of The Stedwells (they recently opened up a SOLD OUT show for Joe P). 

The next night, Saturday July 1st, we head to Buffalo to make our NIETZSCHE's debut! We are excited to play in the heart of Buffalo and check out what the bar has to offer. 

Both shows will feature plenty of NEW music with a sprinkling of the classics and our 2019/2020 releases.

We will have a new song this summer, these things take time and we will update everyone as soon as the track is ready for release.


Shedding some light on our latest evoution as a band - Sean Doohan (bass/backing vocals) & Doug Kelley (keys/synth) have joined our ranks, pushing our sound into new territory. 

new music coming soon



Video by Krit Upra // Audio by J. Alexander Durr

the dirty pennies - band

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